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BlushTan Providence

Our Providence studio will reopen this summer under new ownership - stay tuned!

In the meantime, please follow us on instagram and facebook for updates!



Full Body $50 • Partial Body $25 • Face Only $13


Full Body $60 • Partial Body $30 • Face Only $15

Super Express

Full Body $70 • Partial Body $35 • Face Only $18


A glowing tan from BlushTan provides that beautiful summertime look and the confidence you will look radiant in anything. Avoid those harmful UV rays and the damaging tanning bed while achieving a beautiful organic spray tan in one visit. Our organic sunless tan provides long-lasting results, doubles as a skincare treatment and gradually fades evenly!

What makes our unique spray tan formula different than traditional spray tanning is a super hydrating base that is free from chemicals that can dry or irritate your skin. We can custom mix the water based solution in a variety of undertones to compliment your skin's natural beauty and provide flawless results. The addition of anti-aging skincare ingredients is what makes a BlushTan double as a skincare treatment reducing fine lines and wrinkles, dewy skin is in!