Hear What Your Favorite Influencers Have to Say About Blushtan!

We love our community of gorgeous and stylish blush babes. We get amazing reviews from girls across America loving the glow they get from a blush tan. Although there’s more, we’ve compiled a few quotes from fashion and lifestyle influencers and their take on Blushtan.


"This was the only spray tan I’ve ever had in my entire life that has given me a truly bronzed, brown tan (think just back from a vacation glow), rather than orange" - Mackenzie Murphy | IG @mackenzienoelm



With a custom airbrush tan they really spray you based on how the sun would actually hit AND they can even give you a contour to make it look like you have abs which is AMAZING. When it comes to spray tanning, custom airbrush is the most natural looking option" - Erica Stolman | IG @fashionlush


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"Tanning beds are so dangerous and the worst for your skin. It’s not worth it. Please, just get a spray tan!! I love Blush Tan in La Jolla, because they only use natural ingredients. No oils, parabens, fragrances, allergens, or anything dangerous to worry about" - Paola Alberdi | IG @paolaalberdi


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"I had a pre-melanoma cancer scare this past year. All the years of laying out in the sun with minimal sunscreen, none, or baby oil was catching up. But I’ll have to admit. There’s something about having a Tan that gives you an instant confidence boost and a healthy glow. So finding a healthy way to achieve that is always the goal" - Aylin | IG @stylinbyaylin


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"What I loved about Blush Tan is that you have your own private spacious room and professional there to airbrush the solution on you by hand and walk you through the process" - Ciera Chang | IG @lifewithciera