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pre-tan prep

+ Should I get my mani/pedi before or after my spray tan?

It is definitely best to get your your mani/pedi before the spray tan. Just make sure you are able to remove all of the lotion/oils that your nail tech applies on your skin before you come in for your spray tan. If you absolutely must get your nails done after your spray tan, you need to wait until after your first shower. In this event, you should also avoid the massage portion of the service since their products may degrade your spray tan results.

+ What do I wear/bring to my appointment?

Totally up to you! We just ask that you undress to your comfort level, so you decide what’s coming off and what’s not! Any clothing you choose to wear during the session (undergarments/bathing suit) can simply be laundered once in a normal cycle to remove the solution. We do ask that all males bring something to cover their private parts – thongs are acceptable, but no socks please (funny, we know, but a few have asked so we had to mention it haha). After the application, all clients should wear loose clothing, black is best, and flip-flop type footwear. Just to get this out of the way- so sorry but yes, your yoga pants are probably too tight. PLEASE NOTE: If it is raining/snowing when you come in for you appointment, you should wear a full shoe and don’t forget your umbrella! Any water that comes in contact with your skin while your tan is setting will remove the tan!

+ How do I prepare my skin for a blushtan™?

The day before - Shower and exfoliate to remove all dry, dead skin. For best results, use the blushtan® Exfoliating Mitt. If you have super dry skin, make sure to moisturize with a 'sunless safe' product- we recommend blushtan® Hydrating Moisturizer. Shave and take care of any other hair removal at least 12 hours before your appointment. The day of- For best results, shower and exfoliate lightly with the blushtan® Exfoliating Mitt to remove any additional dry, dead skin. Remove all other self-tanners, make-up, perfume, deodorant and oils using a 'sunless safe' product, like our blushtan® Body Polish. Again, if you have very very dry skin you may moisturize the day of your appointment, but ONLY with a 'sunless safe' product like blushtan® Hydrating Moisturizer.

+ I am under 18, can I still spray tan?

Yes! Our products are safe for all ages! However, if you are under 18 you will need to have your parent/guardian sign our release form before we can start your bronzing sesh. If they won't be coming to your appointment with you, you can find a printable version of our form here!

studio services

+ What should I expect upon arrival?

A certified blushpro® consultant will begin your appointment with a quick color consultation to determine the perfect solution for your skin tone, based on your personal preference and skin type. A complementary PH balancing treatment is mixed in with every custom color, which will help to properly prepare your skin for the application by destroying hidden body oils and dry skin, and will extend the overall life of your spray tan. Post-tan, you will have the option to be dried and/or powdered to prevent any tacky feeling on the skin.

+ How long does the appointment take?

A total body transformation takes only 15 minutes! You will leave our studio feeling healthy, happy and confident!

+ Who applies my spray tan?

Your custom color will be applied by one of our female sunless tanning experts who has been certified in the use of hvlp equipment, thoroughly taught our signature application method and fully understands the science behind blushtan® solutions and skincare. Each member of our staff prides themselves in their professionalism and aims to provide a welcoming, judgement-free environment for a comfortable and positive sunless experience!

+ What is included in a ‘Partial Tan’ service?

A Partial Body Tan includes the legs OR the upper body- i.e. face, neck, chest, upper back, and arms.

+ What is included in a ‘Face Only Tan’ service?

A Face Only service just includes the face and neck :)


+ Will I turn orange?

No, of course not! Our solutions are designed to provide natural and conservative results. Our consultants have the ability to mix over 100 different colors with our vegan, organic based solutions, none of which are orange!

+ What do I need to avoid while my spray tan is setting?

Do not allow your skin to come in contact with any water or product until your tan has fully set (this will depend on which solution you had applied). This means no make-up, moisturizer, and no activities that will cause you to sweat until after your first shower. No crying, washing dishes or accidentally peeing on your leg either (yup, it happens).

+ Will I ruin my spray tan if I sleep while it sets?

If you plan to allow your tan to develop overnight then we suggest wearing a long sleeve top and long pants to bed, in order to avoid skin to skin contact. Any skin to skin contact will create friction on the skin, which creates sweat, which will not allow your tan to set- this also means no skin to skin contact with anyone else’s skin ;)

+ How long does a blushtan® solution spray tan last?

Your custom results will provide gorgeous, glowing results for 5-7 days (potentially longer due to our hydrating ingredients!) as long as your skin stays moisturized and products with harsh chemicals, exfoliants and bleaching ingredients are avoided. To get the most out of your tan, ask about our line of organic and natural products that are specifically designed for sunless tanning. Using these recommended products will not only provide longer lasting results, but also more natural and even fading.

+ How do I maintain my spray tan results?

When you have a spray tan you should avoid bar soaps, exfoliants and products not designed for use with a spray tan. For best results when showering, use our 'sunless safe' blushtan® Body Wash. You should always use a 'sunless safe' moisturizer post-shower to keep skin hydrated. For best results use our blushtan® Hydrating Moisturizer daily post-shower. Keeping your skin moisturized will mean longer lasting results and more natural, even fading. To refresh your color once it starts to fade, apply blushtan® Gradual Tanning Moisturizer with our blushtan® Tanning Mitt.

+ Can I shave while I have a spray tan?

It is best to take care of any hair removal at least a few hours before your spray tan appointment. However, we do understand that sometimes shaving post application cannot be avoided - in this case, be sure to wait at least 24 hours after your tan was applied and be gentle - shaving is a form of mild exfoliation so we want you to be careful that you do not remove the tan.

+ How do I maintain my spray tan on vacation?

We highly recommend coming in for a quick bronzing session 24-48 hours before you're vacation bound! That being said, sweating, salt water and/or the high levels of chlorine used in resort pools will unfortunately cause your spray tan results to fade very quickly :( So here are your options... 1 - Stay cool and avoid the pool! Find a lounge chair in the shade, tell your waiter to keep the frozen drinks coming and stay away from the water (occaisional toe dip allowed); OR 2 - Enjoy your spray tan as a nice initial base tan to ensure confidence is high the first time you put on your bathing suit and head for the beach/pool! While you're splashing around in the ocean or relaxing by the swim up bar, you will probably be soaking up a little natural sun which helps make up for the faux glow you lost. Whichever option you choose, remember that the tan may fade, but the memories will last forever (aaand we don't want you to be remembered as 'that girl' who stressed about her spray tan the whole trip)! Besides, we thought you were perfect pre-tan (and your family/friends probably agree)- so pack our blushtan® Gradual Tanning Moisturizer for touchups, get that new Instagram shot out of the way on day one when your tan is fresh and pleeeease just enjoy your vacation!!

our products

+ Why is spray tanning safe?

Spray tanning is endorsed by: The Skin Cancer Organization, The American Cancer Society, The American Medical Association, and The American Academy of Dermatology. The FDA has tested and approved DHA for use on the skin.

+ Can I get a blushtan® solution spray tan while breastfeeding?

You can definitely still get a spray tan when you are breastfeeding! We just recommend wearing a strapless bra or something to cover your chest area during the application - even breast pads will do just fine! Although we source the safest ingredients on the market to formulate our products, the solution is still not meant to be consumed like food. Plus, we wouldn't want the color to rub off onto your baby if you are breastfeeding before your tan has fully set - at age '0' they are probably a bit too young to have their first spray tan! Haha ;) We do offer a Super Express option so you can shower just a few hours after your visit and get right back to your normal feeding routine. Your consultant can help you decide which option is best when you arrive!

our company

+ What is the difference between a 'blushtan™ exclusive studio' and a 'blushtan™ concept studio'?

blushtan™ exclusive studios are branded or co-branded studios that only offer blushtan® professional solutions, services and approved retail products. All corporate (BlushTan LLC) owned studios now fall under this category. You will be able to recognize the other exclusive studios because they will be named 'blushtan' and use the same logo as us! These licensed locations have decided to adopt the complete 'blushtan experience' including studio decor, branding, culture, etc.

blushtan™ concept studios operate under their own brands/trademarks, but also offer blushtan® professional solutions, services and products. Each of these studios have vowed to meet all blushpro® standards for education, ingredients and customer service. They have adapted their existing business to our concept, and use the same color consultation methods and application technique during every appointment. These studios have been given exclusive territory rights, meaning they will be the only location offering our services/products in their area. You can find these locations listed on You will also notice our logo on their websites and our blushtan® solution options on their service menus.


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